Sunday, January 1st, 2023

On Ice:  0615 – 1745

Temps 26.3 – 29.1 F / West & North winds light & variable

Relative Pressure 29.92 – 30.00 inHg – slow rise

Water Clarity murky but still over 5 feet.  11 inches of ice

Happy New Year.  On the water bright and early.  Trying to find that early morning walleye bite but really never found active walleye….. however – the crappie were on fire!!  Almost obnoxious trying to keep my lures on bottom for walleye.  No idea how many crappie were caught, mostly on a 1.8” Tantrum from Frostbite Fishing.  The northerns were extremely active all day.  Most active I’ve noted yet this ice season.  In and out of my Garmin Panoptix constantly and stealing my herring on deadsticks in 15 feet of water, hanging 5-8 feet below the ice.  Missed several opportunities with pike on the line before finally landing a 40”+ female between sunset and true darkness.  Great battle.  Beautiful fish.  Not a single walleye bite for sure all day.  **watched a four-wheeler drop the pressure ridge between pat’s Point, Eggie and the Marina.  No one was injured and I helped them get the four-wheeler back on the ice, as it was hanging precariously by the trailer in tow.  Scary situation.  BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!