Monday, January 2nd, 2023

Sunrise 0736 / Sunset 1631

On Ice:  1300 – 1700

Temps 30.7 – 28.4 F / Non- existent 

Relative Pressure 29.93inHg – flat

Water Clarity murky but still over 5 feet.  11 inches of ice

I was really set on catching another BIG northern after going about 1 for 5 yesterday.  Set up quickly with 5 deadsticks hanging 6” herring about 8 feet below the ice in water depths ranging from 10 feet to 35 feet.  They were active yet again.  Consistently cruising through my Garmin Panoptix.  I think it’s because of such flat barometric pressures for the last few days.  Has them happy and eating.  I was not successful in my 4 hour set.  None of the Clam Arctic Warriors or Jaw Jackers tripped.  I did have one blow up my bait in the hut, witnessed it all on the Panoptix, but never got a mouthful.  Fun to watch the aggressive fish, circle, circle, bump, circle, circle charge.  So close…….  Snowing hard all afternoon and into the evening, but gorgeous outside with decent temperatures and not a breath of wind.