Sunday, December 18th, 2022

Sunrise 0731 / Sunset 1622

On Ice:  0800 – 1630

Temps 4.5 – 8.1 F / Winds NW 6 MPH

Relative Pressure 29.51 to 29.55 inHg – slow build

Water Clarity Good (10 feet).  4-6 inches of ice

Seemed like all the fish were moving and hungry.  Crappie in 30 feet of water suspended throughout.  White 5MM tungsten with 307 Custom Baitz glow plastic ON FIRE.  Walleye were a little finicky but moving on white leach spoons and 1.8” Z-Viber.  Larger jigging raps and Z-Vibers were too much.  Smallmouth attacking anything when they’d cruise through.  I had NO BAIT with me, and the pike were regularly cruising through and oftentimes eating.  Several pike hooked and ZERO landed on the smaller 1.8” Z-Vibers.  They were motivated by a hanging jigging rap but would never commit fully.  Fun day on the ice.  Consistent fish of all shapes and varieties.  Fished the same two holes side by side all day.