Monday, December 26th, 2022

Sunrise 0735 / Sunset 1626

On Ice:  0930 – 1740

Temps 16.2 – 33.0 F / W winds 5-10 MPH

Relative Pressure 29.88 inHg – Slow trend down

Water Clarity 8 feet.  14 inches of ice

Set up in unexplored area around Rocky Point for a northern bite.  Huge misfire.  No pike all day.  Tip-ups and Arctic warriors set up in 6 feet of water to 20 feet with bait throughout water column.  SKUNKED.  Minnows on bottom.  SKUNKED.  Jigging rods in the icehouse had little action as well.  Set up in a trough of 25 feet surrounded by shallower water.  Perch (believed to be) on bottom very finicky after lunchtime.  A few fish cruising the bottom had no interest until about 1700.  Finally started moving walleye on Origami Spoons, Frostbite Dinner Bells, and Frostbite Sidekicks.  All smaller walleye.  I don’t think we’ll be back to this spot with any urgency.  Better luck next time.