Friday, February 10th, 2023

Sunrise 0707 / Sunset 1722
On Ice: 1400 – 2330
Temps 37.4 – 24.4 F / 5-10 mph from the S
Relative Pressure 30.01 – Flat
Water Clarity 10’ – 14 inches of ice

Sometimes work gets in the way of fishing and after several weeks being away from the ice I was
anxious to get back to it. The afternoon started with a struggle to find fish, and then find fish that were
active. By sunset we had settled on a location on the north side of the lake in 23 feet of water and
about 45 minutes after sunset, the fishing really picked up. It was hard to leave and I was excited to
catch fish after fish, reeling in 40+ crappie and one 20”+ walleye. Everything worked. 5m tungsten with
minnows, Gulp minnows, @307custombaitz and @fishfrostbite Tantrums. Feeding frenzy and beautiful
weather. Off the ice at midnight and worth every lost minute of sleep.