Saturday, February 25th, 2023

Sunrise 0644 / Sunset 1743
On Ice: N/A
Temps 12.4 – 37.4 F / 5-10 MPH winds from N, NW
Relative Pressure 29.89-29.7 – Slow trend down

Water Clarity Good. Murky in spots. 18 inches of Ice
I spent Saturday on De Smet fishing the Sheridan Rotary Club 3rd Annual Derby. There seemed to be a
great turn out and the weather was beautiful. Fishing was slow for us, but there were some decent Lake
Trout and Perch caught. The walleye bite must of have been off for everyone because I think the
$1,000.00 walleye was 6 ½”. Congratulations to the winners!
As for Keyhole Reservoir – Some gentlemen staying at the lodge did report back to us on ice, snow, slush and fishing conditions. Current situation on the reservoir seem to be hit and miss. I’ve been told the fishing was slow during the daylight hours. Difficult to locate fish and difficult to feed them when they were around. There seems to be plenty of ice yet, but the amount of snow and slush has getting around on a four wheeler difficult, if not impossible (We observed the same thing at De Smet). Some places against the rock walls have drifts between 1-4 feet deep and reports of 6” to 1 foot+ of slush were observed. Tread lightly out there and pack a snow shovel. The snow will insulate the ice for a bit, but I don’t think the slush is going anywhere. I might give it a go this weekend if I can easily access some
spots and will report back.