Sunday, January 15th, 2023

Sunrise 0733 / Sunset 1646

On Ice:  0630 – 1000

Temps 26.8 – 33.6 F / 5-10 mph from the SW

Relative Pressure 29.51 – 29.48 inHg – pretty flat

Water Clarity 10’.  14 inches of ice

Returned to where we left off Saturday evening.  Walleye, crappie and drum were still there, but the bite was off.  Shuffled through rattlebaits, jigs, and spoons of different shapes and sizes hoping for another walleye bite, but they were pretty finicky.  Crappie were willing to eat, but that wasn’t our goal for the morning.  Packed up equipment early and called it a weekend. 

Saturday, January 14th, 2023

Sunrise 0733 / Sunset 1645

On Ice:  0700 – 1830

Temps 35.2 – 50.4 F / SW winds light and variable

Relative Pressure 29.67 – 29.60 inHg – steady decline all day

Water Clarity 10’.  14 inches of ice

As we’ve seen in the past – no walleye biting early and the crappie had also shut down other than a few stragglers at sunrise.  We moved locations from a rock wall at 30 foot depths to more gentle terrain in 22 feet of water.  Located Crappie and some fish tight to the bottom in early afternoon and set up for the evening.  Crappie were aggressive early and walleye started feeding around 4:00 PM.  We had a productive evening, catching another drum, a handful of crappie and a limit of walleye all over 17 inches.  Walleye bite was aggressive on 1.8” Tantrum Rattlebaits from Frostbite Fishing in “Metallic Sexy Shad” and “Goldmine.”  Walleye really liked that bait to drop hard on the lake bottom and be jigged up a couple feet, usually eating right as the bait touched the lake bottom.  It was true satisfaction to locate active walleye in consistent numbers and sizes after a fairly dead morning and mid-day bite.

Friday, January 13th, 2023

Sunrise 0734 / Sunset 1644

On Ice:  1300 – 1930

Temps 38.1 – 35.1 F / 7-10 MPH winds from the South

Relative Pressure 29.99 – 29.89 inHg – slow trend down

Water Clarity 10’.  14 inches of ice

Off work and on the ice!!  First location on North shore along rocks was a bust.  Just a few fish intermittently passing through.  Caught a drum on a 5mm tungsten jig head and grub.  Moved locations at 4:00 PM and set up on a school of crappie.  Crappie bite turned on at dark and was still strong at 7:30PM when we decided to call it.  Set up in 25 feet of water, crappie dispersed.  Biting on 5mm jig head with GULP minnow and 1.3” Grape Thunder Tantrum from Frostbite Fishing.  No walleye to speak of.

Saturday, January 7th, 2023

Sunrise 0735 / Sunset 1637

On Ice:  0630 – 1300

Temps 16.9 – 32.0 F / North winds light and variable

Relative Pressure 30.05 inHg – Flat

Water Clarity 10’.  12 inches of ice

Thought we’d capitalize on the uptick in Walleye bites and crappie fishing from the evening before and we found the fish to be SHUTDOWN.  Weather is just too nice.  Fish found were finicky and not hungry.  Also had dead bait out for cruising Northerns and saw no action.  Fishing was slow and we called it a day at lunch time with temperatures expected to continue upwards into the 40’s.  Lake was busy today.

Friday, January 6th, 2023

Sunrise 0736 / Sunset 1636

On Ice:  1400 – 1930

Temps 23.4 – 19.0 F / North winds at 2 mph

Relative Pressure 29.88 inHg –30.02 inHg slow rise

Water Clarity 10’.  12 inches of ice

Afternoon outing.  Bite was slow till around sunset.  Walleye and Crappie really turned on after sunset.  A few walleye on a 1.8” Tantrum from Frostbite Fishing, biggest was 19”.  Caught enough crappie for a fish fry from dark till 7:30PM.  Eating 5MM tungsten jig heads with GULP minnows and 1.3” Grape Thunder Tantrum Rattlebait from Frostbite fishing.  Walleye and Crappie in 25 feet of water.  Walleye hugging the bottom and the crappie dispersed.

Monday, January 2nd, 2023

Sunrise 0736 / Sunset 1631

On Ice:  1300 – 1700

Temps 30.7 – 28.4 F / Non- existent 

Relative Pressure 29.93inHg – flat

Water Clarity murky but still over 5 feet.  11 inches of ice

I was really set on catching another BIG northern after going about 1 for 5 yesterday.  Set up quickly with 5 deadsticks hanging 6” herring about 8 feet below the ice in water depths ranging from 10 feet to 35 feet.  They were active yet again.  Consistently cruising through my Garmin Panoptix.  I think it’s because of such flat barometric pressures for the last few days.  Has them happy and eating.  I was not successful in my 4 hour set.  None of the Clam Arctic Warriors or Jaw Jackers tripped.  I did have one blow up my bait in the hut, witnessed it all on the Panoptix, but never got a mouthful.  Fun to watch the aggressive fish, circle, circle, bump, circle, circle charge.  So close…….  Snowing hard all afternoon and into the evening, but gorgeous outside with decent temperatures and not a breath of wind.  

Sunday, January 1st, 2023

On Ice:  0615 – 1745

Temps 26.3 – 29.1 F / West & North winds light & variable

Relative Pressure 29.92 – 30.00 inHg – slow rise

Water Clarity murky but still over 5 feet.  11 inches of ice

Happy New Year.  On the water bright and early.  Trying to find that early morning walleye bite but really never found active walleye….. however – the crappie were on fire!!  Almost obnoxious trying to keep my lures on bottom for walleye.  No idea how many crappie were caught, mostly on a 1.8” Tantrum from Frostbite Fishing.  The northerns were extremely active all day.  Most active I’ve noted yet this ice season.  In and out of my Garmin Panoptix constantly and stealing my herring on deadsticks in 15 feet of water, hanging 5-8 feet below the ice.  Missed several opportunities with pike on the line before finally landing a 40”+ female between sunset and true darkness.  Great battle.  Beautiful fish.  Not a single walleye bite for sure all day.  **watched a four-wheeler drop the pressure ridge between pat’s Point, Eggie and the Marina.  No one was injured and I helped them get the four-wheeler back on the ice, as it was hanging precariously by the trailer in tow.  Scary situation.  BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!! 

Saturday, December 31st, 2022

Sunrise 0736 / Sunset 1629

On Ice:  0645 – 1630

Temps 25.1 – 29.8 F / West winds light & variable

Relative Pressure 29.68 – 29.71 inHg – flat / slow rise

Water Clarity 10 feet.  10 inches of ice

Breakfast at R Place and on the water before daybreak.  Set up in 25’ of water and caught a couple walleye right away on a 1.5” white dinner bell by Frostbite Fishing.  The larger walleye bite window seemed short-lived, but the crappie fishing sustained well into mid-morning.  Late morning to early afternoon slowed way down for everything.  We did venture into some 15’ water after a school crappie.  Landed several more crappie and pulled 3 or 4 smaller walleye off the bottom.  Shallowest we’d found consistent walleye thus far this ice season.  Crappie shifted back to the deeper water later afternoon and we jigged for walleye with no success while landing more crappie before packing up just before “prime time.”  Deadsticks in various depths with herring and herring chunks saw no action all day for northerns.  Had to make New Year’s Eve Dinner.

Friday, December 30th, 2022

Sunrise 0736 / Sunset 1629

On Ice:  1300 – 1930

Temps 31.8 – 29.1 F / West winds light & variable

Relative Pressure 29.73 – 29.71 inHg – flat

Water Clarity 10 feet.  10 inches of ice

On the water later in the day and forced to explore new areas, getting beat to our planned spot.  Spent 40 minutes drilling and scoping out holes before finding several schools of crappie in an area about the size of a football field.  Set up in 30 feet of water with 15 plateaus on either side.  Lures in the water by 1430 and moving fish immediately.  Caught a 17” walleye on a 1.5” white dinner bell by Frostbite Fishing and a handful of crappie on white 5mm tungsten jig heads with 307 CustomBaitz plastic.  Secured a 30”+ northern on a white 3/8 oz. Scissorkick by Frostbite Fishing.  Continued fishing into the evening and had a pretty fast and furious walleye bite around 1800.  Nothing large but fun getting them to eat one after another.

Monday, December 26th, 2022

Sunrise 0735 / Sunset 1626

On Ice:  0930 – 1740

Temps 16.2 – 33.0 F / W winds 5-10 MPH

Relative Pressure 29.88 inHg – Slow trend down

Water Clarity 8 feet.  14 inches of ice

Set up in unexplored area around Rocky Point for a northern bite.  Huge misfire.  No pike all day.  Tip-ups and Arctic warriors set up in 6 feet of water to 20 feet with bait throughout water column.  SKUNKED.  Minnows on bottom.  SKUNKED.  Jigging rods in the icehouse had little action as well.  Set up in a trough of 25 feet surrounded by shallower water.  Perch (believed to be) on bottom very finicky after lunchtime.  A few fish cruising the bottom had no interest until about 1700.  Finally started moving walleye on Origami Spoons, Frostbite Dinner Bells, and Frostbite Sidekicks.  All smaller walleye.  I don’t think we’ll be back to this spot with any urgency.  Better luck next time.

Saturday, December 24th, 2022

Sunrise 0734 / Sunset 1625

On Ice:  0830 – 1645

Temps 9.0 – 26.1 F / SE winds light & variable

Relative Pressure 29.79 inHg – Flat

Water Clarity 10 feet.  9 inches, healthy ice

Jaw Jackers and Arctic Warriors set up with 6” Herring dead bait in 10-25 feet of water set 5 to 10 feet below surface of ice.  34” pike caught in 15 feet of water 8 feet below ice around 11:30AM.  Healthy fish – fun fight.  Caught and released.  Crappie bite was consistent all day on 5MM tungsten jigs with Maki plastics and 307 Custom Baitz plastics.  Crappie hanging in 25-30 feet of water suspended throughout.  Walleye bite was short at 1610 – 3 walleye in about 15 minutes on bottom.  Nothing over 20 inches.  Headed home for Christmas Eve Dinner!!

Friday, December 23rd, 2022

Sunrise 0734 / Sunset 1625

On Ice:  1530 – 1845

Temps -0.4 – -1.65 F / Winds light & variable to start – ENE 15 mph started at 1800

Relative Pressure 29.85 inHg – Falling

Water Clarity 10 feet.  7 inches, healthy ice

Focused on the walleye evening bite.  Jigged in 30 feet of water.  2 very small walleye on a white 1.8” Z-viber and one small walleye on a wonderbread spoon.  No action on two different colors of jigging raps.  Crappie in 30 feet of water suspended at 15-20 foot and were consistently in and out of the area.  I did not try to feed them.  A couple northerns cruising through the area.  I had dead bait (6” herring) on a tip up on bottom and another on a jaw jacker set 10’ below the surface.  No action.